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Mango pulp concentrate

Celestyn International places the individual requirements of clients at the top of its priorities and this extends to its manufacturing and exporting of mango pulp concentrate. For this reason the company is now established in the top echelon of Indian exporters and manufacturers, with particular emphasis on the pulp of Alphonso and Totapuri mangoes. Our range covers the full array of mango pulp & concentrates and is unrivalled in terms of genuine flavour and freshness. The mango pulp & concentrates are created using no artificial additives. Moreover, the pulp & concentrates are packed under the highest hygienic standards and are hermetically protected from external impurities.


Guava pulp concentrate

Celestyn International, because of its commitment to quality and service, is regarded as one of the most high performing and reputable Indian White Guava Concentrate Manufacturers. Our products’ high standards and consistently delicious taste have allowed us to build a devoted group of worldwide clients who continue to order substantial consignments of our Guava Pulps. Additionally, customers are reassured that our Guava Pulp & Concentrate is packed under strict sanitary standards free from impurities, additives and preservatives. Bulk orders are our specialty, and we are acknowledged as standing amongst the most reputable of Guava pulp exporters.


Salient Features :

  • Health Benefits
  • Flavour
  • Freshness
  • Purity

Papaya pulp and concentrate

At the forefront of Indian suppliers of Red Papaya Puree Concentrate, Celestyn International fulfills the large order needs of clients worldwide. They have come to trust our way of working and our commitment to exporting their exact pulp and concentrate orders. Many of our clients use our products to subsequently create delicious juices and other varieties of drinks. They can undertake their manufacturing processes safe in the knowledge that our raw ingredients are the best in their class. Along with the undeniable quality, invigorating taste and speed with which we get our products from tree to factory, we are also flexible with regards to order types, sizes and range of varieties.

Pulps &Concentrate (FOB US$/Kg)

Pulp & Concentrate Details FOB US$/Kg
Alphonso Mango Pulp in Aseptic bag $5.17
Alphonso Mango Pulp in Aseptic bag (stock available price) $1.71
Totapuri Mango Pulp in Aseptic bag $5.17
Totapuri Mango Concentrate in Aseptic bag $5.48
Totapuri Mango Concentrate in Aseptic bag(stock available price) $1.39

New Crop for 2013 Mango will start Alphonso---April end-2013 and Totapuri May- 15th-2013.
Nearest Port is Chennai Port Tamil Nadu. All the above are Dry Container...
215 kgs net wt./drum,bags and tmc-228 kgs/drum, bags in one 20ft---80 drums.
These product are aseptically packed and self-life is 18-24 months and natural product without any addition of any preservatives


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