Welcome to Celestyn International

From a singular vision of crafting the unique, the journey of Celestyn International began.

Initially a solo venture without a defined product line, today we boast a diverse catalog of over 100 exclusive handicrafts. Our pillars of strength remain dedication, precision and consistency.


In a world where the consumer is king, we're proud to present our exclusive range across renowned marketplaces, including Amazon.

Handicrafts: Embrace the Art of Handmade Elegance

We celebrate the beauty of handcrafted wood and metalwork, offering an eclectic range of wooden wall art, elegant tableware, and versatile furniture. Each piece from our handicraft collection is a testament to our original concepts and craftsmanship.

basmati rice

Basmati Rice
The Aromatic Delight

Our Basmati rice is a culinary treasure, aged to perfection, and sourced from the fertile plains of North India.
Each grain promises a distinct aroma and flavor to elevate your dining experience.

Lamb Meat - Succulence in Every Serving

Experience the tender cuts of our lamb meat, ranging from whole carcasses to precision cuts. Raised and prepared with care, our lamb meat offers a combination of rich flavours and tender textures.

Celestyn International fair

Why Choose Celestyn International

The market resonates with creativity. The fulfilment derived from bringing an idea to life is unparalleled. While all creations may not see commercial success, the passion behind each enhances their potential.

Partnership Opportunities

Interested in featuring our products in your locale? Whether you’re just setting foot in the market or are an established name, we’re open to collaborations. At Celestyn International, we believe in fostering relationships, blending heart and strategy in equal measure.