Celestyn International – A leading manufacturer and exporter in India, specialising in producing unique and high-quality live edge, wood & metal and garden products.

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Revolutionise the market with a whole new range of live-edge wooden collection from Celestyn International

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Live-Edge Stools & Chairs

Live-Edge Tables Lamps

Why Live-Edge products?

A live edge product commemorates the natural beauty of a tree, with each piece unique to itself, which means no other piece of furniture will be like yours.

Live-Edge Hanging Lights

Fumigation Process

All our live edge products go through the fumigation phase in which we use chemicals to eliminate pests or insects in wood or lumber to prevent infestations and ensure their safe transport and storage.

Live-Edge Trays & Bowls

Company Profile

Celestyn International was set up in 2007 in Moradabad to manufacture a range of handcrafted products like wooden & Galvanized iron products, but due to the surge in demand for exclusive wooden furniture & home décors, the Celestyn’s team expanded their roots in exploring a unique live edge product range in 2018.

Celestyn International designs and creates exclusive live-edge furniture, driftwood lights, lamps and kitchen serving wares. So, whether you’re seeking to revolutionise the market with something innovative or simply looking forward to get an edge over the competition, we have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

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